BFCM 2020

We’ve gathered some tools, planning resources and advice to guarantee that you’re totally prepared for Black Friday Cyber Monday. 

The bad news is that there is no secret formula, hack or magic potion to set you up for success. The good news is that despite the roller coaster of a year we’ve endured, there are still surefire ways to set your brand up to have the best holiday season possible. 

Checklist & Calendar

COVID-19 impacts. Inventory issues. On-going product launches.  You have a lot on your plate this year. 

Use this checklist & calendar to know when to start your planning and when to launch your marketing campaigns.

Looking for ideas and inspiration on how to launch a really successful BFCM this year?  

Check out our planning guide to get the tips, tricks and advice you need to BFCM 2020 your best ever. 

 Your customers expect the right message at the right time...and in their preferred communication channels. 

Check out this talk that Pushnami CEO Emerson Smith gave at E-Commerce Day 2020 on how you can start putting your customers first. 

We chose to go with Pushnami in order to capture additional abandoned cart sales. Having an AI-powered solution that optimized messaging for us was also important, and Pushnami has delivered on their value proposition on both fronts.”

E-Commerce Day 2020

Planning Guide

Loooking for BFCM web push examples?

See our ecommerce automations in action

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Unlock Push Notifications

All new merchants get a 30-day trial. 

Supercharge your ecommerce store with automated push notifications

Your Marketing App Stack


Email Marketing

Ad Targeting


FB Messenger



Web Push Notifications

Store Design

Whether you are a small and growing ecommerce brand, or a well-established ecommerce titan, push notifications are the missing piece to your tech stack for BFCM 2020. 

Your customers expect to be communicated with on the devices they are most active on...their computers, and mobile devices. It's no longer just about "set-and-forget" automated emails. Web visitors opt in to push notifications with a single click, no email address required.

-Abandoned Cart
-Browse Abandonment

-Flash Sales & Offers

Ecommerce Push Notification Types:

Works on most web browsers and android mobile devices

-Shipping Notifications
-Welcome Notifications
-Recommendation Engine