6 examples of successful push messaging strategies

Successful push messaging strategies

Push notifications are an easy way to nudge your subscribers with relevant content without the risk of falling prey to inbox spam filters. Businesses increasingly turn to push notifications for their marketing strategy as the most reliable method to use messaging to send out abandoned cart reminders, time-sensitive offers, surprise-and-delight sales, or simply a “thinking of you” greeting to show appreciation and build goodwill.

Most industries can benefit from using push notifications; it’s just a matter of figuring out the optimal campaign to maximize your business’ success. Messaging is critical here. This post explores the possibilities of push notifications for your business through 6 types of push notification strategies that are proven to work in the field.

1. Time-sensitive deals

One of the most straightforward push notification ideas you can implement in your strategy is the time-sensitive deal. This is perfect for businesses in ecommerce or sales, no matter the service industry.

When’s the last time your business offered a flash sale for your VIP subscribers? Do you have VIP subscribers you’re celebrating?

A simple push notification can inform subscribers about an exclusive flash sale (tip: add a display timer to create urgency). Not only is this going to prompt them to click through to your website, but it will make them act fast. The urgency and excitement of a special deal with a time limit is a sure way to generate more sales for your business.

Pushnami uses artificial intelligence to help you create the most personalized push notifications for your subscribers. You can advertise your flash sale while showcasing relevant products or services to that customer simultaneously. Highlighting customer interests—thanks to Pushnami’s data-informed personalization—is one of the top push notification ideas guaranteed to lead e-commerce subscribers even further down the sales funnel.

2. Abandoned cart reminders

One of the biggest problems in the ecommerce industry is abandoned carts. Shipping costs, window shopping, and price comparison are all common reasons consumers stop just short of making their final purchase. Although abandoned carts are common among businesses, push notifications can be a great solution.

If one of your subscribers has abandoned their cart, sending a push notification can prompt them to pick back up where they left off and complete their sale. This is where you can start getting creative with your push notification ideas.

First, give your subscribers a sense of urgency regarding their abandoned cart. Let them know there are only a few items left in stock or an update on how many other shoppers are eyeing that deal. This is also a key moment to implement a subscriber-specific sale such as a limited-time free shipping coupon or 10% off their order. If they were ever going to complete their order, this will encourage them to act now.

It’s also important to get your timing right. If you send them a push notification too soon after they abandoned their cart, they might be turned off by your persistence. If you wait too long, they will forget what they were shopping for in the first place. Choose a follow-up moment in that sweet spot to prompt them with a push notification.

Looking beyond ecommerce, push notifications are great tools for conversion in many situations. If you’re working to help subscribers navigate through any website that requires them to complete a process, notifications are a useful tool to get them to the finish line. For example, job application websites or a free trial sign-up page can both benefit from push notifications to address subscribers that have abandoned their “cart.” If the subscriber didn’t finish completing the process, a push notification can help remind them to pick back up where they left off.

3. Holiday and seasonal celebrations

Birthdays, federal holidays, and seasonal celebrations are all rich marketing opportunities to reach out to your subscriber base. Once you’ve decided which moments will best catalyze your push notification outreach, you can build a campaign that feels timely to drive traffic to your site, service, or product.

For example, with autumn just around the corner, you can use a play on words for your next push notification. Your customers won’t be-leaf these deals; they might just fall in love with your latest release.

If there’s a big holiday around the corner like New Year’s Eve, remind them with a countdown and a series of deals through a push notification campaign. You can also offer deals for customer birthdays or send an extra discount to loyal customers around shopping-heavy holidays.

4. Re-Engagement

If it’s been a while since your subscribers have visited your website, you might wonder how you can get them back. With push notifications, your subscribers will end their disconnect with your website and become frequent visitors again.

Send a “Thinking of You” or “We Miss You” push notification to reconnect with ecommerce customers and link to products your data shows are relevant to their interests to remind them why they visited your site in the first place. This is a good moment to entice them back with a personalized deal or offer, too.

For all industries, Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) can be a potent catalyst: let your subscribers know through push notification what they’re missing out on. If you’re a news website, send them headlines of stories they might be interested in based on their history. This is where our unique artificial intelligence software comes into play. The more personalized you can make your push notifications, the more likely your subscribers will click on them.

You can also re-engage your subscribers with a “Did you know?” notification. Tell your subscribers a fact about your business or product that will surprise them and pique their curiosity.

5. Tips and tutorials

Push notifications don’t always have to be about selling to your subscribers. Establishing yourself as an industry expert through education and advice will help your subscribers develop a deeper connection with you.

Ask yourself, what is the top question your subscribers ask about your business, services, or products? How can you educate them or give them tips or tutorials to help them?

If you’re an ecommerce website that sells makeup, why not make a tutorial on how to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner? This can be a simple and fun push notification to send to your subscribers to drive them to your blog.

If your business is in the finance industry, write a blog or create a FAQ video your users will benefit from.

If you’re looking to build trust and establish a brand reputation with your subscribers, make yourself their go-to resource for your industry. With the help of push notifications, your resources won’t be overlooked.

6. New releases

Whether you have a new service, a new product, relevant news, or a new blog post you want to promote, trying different push notification ideas to build excitement around your new releases is a great way to drive traffic to your website.

Keeping your subscribers in the know is the best reason to keep generating push notification ideas. For example, video streaming services like Netflix or Hulu will send their subscribers a push notification when a new season of a show they like comes out or content of similar interest.

If you have any brand new releases in your business, push notifications ensure that your subscribers know about them.

Pushnami AI supports your business by identifying the most relevant notifications to send, so you can focus on more pressing matters. Minimize unsubscribes and boost conversions with only pertinent content that continuously improves.

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As you can see, the possibilities are endless with push notifications. Stop using your energy on emails that end up in spam folders and instead invest your time into AI-powered notifications.

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