Push notification use cases for affiliate marketers


Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing where a business rewards affiliates for promoting a brand with their own marketing efforts. Successful affiliates convert browsers into active customers. Affiliates are paid a commission for each visitor or purchase. 

With push notifications, once a user opts-in to receive notifications, you can indefinitely send them notifications for future campaigns and offers. Push notifications keep affiliates in direct contact with users who have shown interest in what it is they’re promoting. In turn, higher CTRs (click-through rates) and conversions emerge.

Affiliate marketers bolster traffic and generate loyalty through the smart use of push notifications. The best push notifications are personal, relevant, targeted and urgent. When writing notifications for your affiliate marketing work, try asking yourself these questions:

  • Does the notification convincingly explain why the person receiving it should convert?
  • Will the subscribers receiving the notification be clear on what exactly it is that they should do next?
  • Is the notification urging the viewer to click without coming off as a scam?
  • Has this notification been double-checked for errors?
  • Is this notification going only to the customers who will care about it the most?

Here are some use cases to get you started on pushing out some notifications for your audience:

New discount alert


Shoppers love discounts. They go out of their way to find them. Nearly 97 percent of online shoppers look for product or service deals before purchasing anything online. Make it easier for your user to pull the trigger by luring them in with a great deal. Whether it’s exclusive bundles or product launches, users are attracted to coupons for many reasons. Let them know that they have access to the most elite offers using push notifications.  

Discount of the day


Nothing encourages spontaneous purchases more than a discount that is only good for one day. Leverage this to your advantage. 

Flash sale

Creating urgency and building excitement is precisely why flash sales are so effective. Use push notifications to help establish that real-time communication. 



For any affiliate, there are several instances of why the discovery process does not lead to the expected transaction or conversion. The user might land, explore and spend some time on the landing site, but not make a purchase. It’s possible that the customer is searching for a better deal. Retarget those users with a push notification that they can’t resist opening

The future of affiliate marketing is push notifications. Try Pushnami today to drive converting traffic to your site.