Content remarketing in an owned audience world: Remarketing tips for news, media and content sites


Content remarketing does two great things for publishers. It maximizes the reach of the content you work so hard to produce and it increases user engagement. By taking advantage of content remarketing to its fullest extent, you can remind your audience to complete an action or return to your site again by offering them a brand new piece of content and prevent them from slipping through the virtual cracks. 

A surge of brand awareness can result with an exceptional content remarketing strategy. The more you put your content out for the world to consume, the more people think about your company and share your goods with the world. 

In a nutshell, content remarketing ultimately allows publishers to track users who visit their websites but don’t covert in the desired way. The audience is later retargeted and sent content with the hope of reigniting interest.

Content remarketing isn’t a “nice to have” anymore. It’s a must. 96 percent of visitors coming to your website leave without completing the action that you wanted them to take. Yikes. Remarketing content gives you another chance to engage your audience and coax them into taking the desired next steps. And they don’t even have to be actively exploring your site or app to receive a gentle push—they might be checking their email, watching news clips or enjoying downtime on social media when you recapture their attention. 

For some time, Google and Facebook (the infamous duopoly) have been driving the content remarketing efforts for businesses. The giants fully intend to own your audience using the content that you own. They’re after audience ownership, and it’s time news, media and content sites start figuring out the best ways to get the absolute most out of the lifetime value of their own sites

Here is a list of push notifications you can trigger based on a consumer’s stage in the audience journey:

New content alert

Send your audience back to your site by pushing out a notification that will guide them to your newest relevant content through an RSS feed every time a new blog post, article or guide goes live. For example, our client Newsweek started sending the latest trending articles and breaking news stories to their subscribers on a regular cadence based on subscriber interests using our RSS feed. 


Top Story/Weekly Digest

Send out a push notification with news articles, investigative journalism pieces or videos that performed exceptionally well as the lead. Increase your page views per visitor by including some weekly hits your readers haven’t already seen. Watch the traffic continue to multiply. This is a great way to increase traffic to your top stories and also highlight top evergreen content that is still relevant to your readers.

Incomplete read

Distractions happen. Nudge your audience into returning to an article they didn’t have time to finish by giving them an easy way to emerge directly back into the content. 

General remarketing

Consider sending out a notification 15-30 minutes after your audience leaves your site with a particularly interesting poll or trending story. This will help keep your content and your brand top of mind. 

Content recommendation

Perhaps some of your audience lands on a specific piece of content but doesn’t explore the recommended/related content on your site. The notification can help increase session durations and increase the amount of engaged/repeat visitors.

Activate the inactive

Consider pushing out a notification for users who haven’t visited your site in the past week or two. Send them to a high-performing article or controversial piece to reenage their interest and to remind them of the value you add to their day.

Form abandonment

Are you having issues with visitors dropping off of the subscription page before signing up? Remind them to complete the registration by delivering a timely push notification. If your site unlocks more exclusive content to those who register, now is the time to boast that. 

Distribution is everything

Well-distributed quality content served to an engaged owned audience is the way of the future. Don’t forget to focus on personalization and segmentation so you can deliver content tailored to the interest of your audience. 

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