In a social media world, publishers can own engagement using push notifications

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Using social media to get the word out will continue to be a strategy for digital media companies and publishers. But with constantly changing algorithms and an urgent drive to take advantage of first-party data, publishers are looking for ways to own a greater share of their audience. 

Why social media has been steering the wheel

When was the last time you intentionally visited a content or media site’s homepage? 


The majority of users are much more likely to engage with sites on the platforms where they are already spending their time, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Due to our inclination to scroll the social feeds, publishers have relied on social media to deliver their content. A Pew Research study found that 43 percent of Americans get their news from Facebook. 

It hasn’t been without drawbacks, though. Publishers are constantly forced to adapt to the changing social media algorithms to get the traffic they need to survive. In this “pay to play” scene, it’s been getting increasingly expensive to get content landing in front of the right audience. Distributing content on social media is like building a custom home on rented land and too much reliance on social media means you don’t have ownership of your own audience.

Ownership matters and the time is right now

First-party data is the way forward. Paid subscriptions, virtual events, emails and push notifications can help you build a relationship with your audience and effectively collect their first-party data. First-party data is all the information that you gather directly from your audience. You capture this data via records on your website, survey forms, marketing campaigns and social networks. 

How can push notifications help me maintain my audience?

Push notifications maximize the reach of the content you work so hard to produce and increase user engagement. By taking advantage of push notifications, you can remind your audience to complete an action or return to your site again by offering them a brand new piece of content.

Check out our list of push notifications you can trigger based on a consumer’s stage in the audience journey. 

Push notifications are a safe harbor

Publishers need a direct link to their audience, free of changing algorithms and uncontrollable price surges. Having a direct tie to your audience means you can send them content they’re interested in and that will keep them coming back. As the world continues to turn to social sites to stay in the loop, digital media companies and publishers must find ways to capture those visitors and keep them loyal. Urging the audience to download an app, sign up for email updates and subscribe to push notifications is an easy way to get there. 

Work on your audience engagement strategies 

Once you have subscribers, how do you ensure that your audience will stick around? Segmentation and personalization show your subscribers that you can provide true value to them by proving that you know them. Pushnami allows users to create segmented lists based on the filters applied. Our advanced API updates your lists every time a user subscribes, unsubscribes or logs additional user activities that will impact your push notification campaigns, meaning the target audience for each one of your campaigns will always be reached. Respond to the content they digest, actions they take and take note of their stage in the audience journey.

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For instance, if you promote a weekly roundup in your push notifications and a particular subscriber always clicks through and spends time on the articles concerning finance, promote similar content that they will also likely enjoy. 

Make digital work for you—not the other way around

Take advantage of owned channels such as apps and push notifications so the changing digital environment works for you. Take control of your audience by using push notifications today.