Innovative, killer ideas? Pushnami’s ‘Shark Tank’ delivered

shark tank

Next in the tank? Push Peeps, galore. We divided up and conquered as our Sales/Customer Support, Software Developers, Finance/Advertising, HR/Marketing and Data Science/Tech Support teams spent Tuesday afternoon giving our Shark Panel—Founder and CEO Emerson Smith, Director of Data Science Michelle Plunkett, COO Rob Hunter, and President of Affiliate Operations Ryan Bartholic, some serious long-term revenue growth pitches to consider. 

“The idea behind it was to get teams to work together, foster more engagement within the company and practice our core value of innovation.”

—Jess Aluko, Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Our founder said this wasn’t our first time in the tank.

“We had one a few years back when there were only five or six of us in the office and it was a lot of fun,” Emerson Smith said. “We would get external people coming in and pitching ideas to me to invest in or come help them with, so I started thinking ‘why does it have to be just me? why not bring in a couple of employees?’”

They had so much fun with it, it made sense to give it a go internally. And thus launched the first Pushnami Shark Tank. 

“We had employees apply and anyone with an idea, we just let them pitch it,” Smith said. 

Deciding to try it again with a larger team? Even more fun!

shark tank

“These initiatives are a good way to let people have some stage and not just propose an idea but to get it in front of the CEO and rest of team,” Smith said. “We have such smart, creative people that choosing one idea was hard. Things like this let employees come out of their shells and get some more confidence.” 

The results

While we can’t get into the nitty-gritty of our pitches, several innovative ideas came out of this experience. The Customer Success/Sales team ultimately left with the victory, though. 

“For sales and CS specifically, I think we had the advantage of truly knowing our client base,” Josh Briggs, VP of Sales and Business Development, said. “We are in front of people every day that have concerns around user experience and monetization that we are committed to solving. We asked ourselves ‘what would our clients want?’ and ‘how does this contribute to our goals?’ Once we determined that our idea was aligned with both, the team got to work.”

We have to give it to them, their inside knowledge and close collaboration earned them that win.

 “We started going over some of the conversations that the sales team had with their prospects and reviewed the features/products that they hear about often, but we do not have yet,” Kacey Meguin, Customer Success Team Manager, said.

As a company, we all agree that it was exciting to see how all of our departments approached the challenge differently and proposed solutions unique to the opportunities we see on a daily basis.

The gist

Our takeaway? With our focus on innovation, our next biggest idea might be found inside the Shark Tank!

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