Website engagement must-have tools in 2021

website engagement

Are you using every tool in your toolbox to make sure you’re capturing the attention of your audience? If not, you’re probably already behind. The importance of a well-tuned website engagement strategy can’t be overestimated. Whether it’s coaxing users into your website, or ensuring they become loyal, repeat visitors, the few instances you have to capture their attention are critical.

If you’re not doing everything you can to engage and convert your visitors, you’re gambling some high stakes. Most websites hope users interact, leave comments, fill out forms and click on designated call-to-action (CTA) buttons. The more engaged your audience is, the more content they consume that will likely lead them to convert. 

Here are the five must-have website engagement tools for 2021:

User analytics tools

To engage your users, you need to gather quality data and use what you discover to develop multichannel and personalized strategies. Powerful analytics tools can translate raw user behavior into actionable insights and generate reports that help you optimize your approach overtime. Google Analytics, for instance, is a freemium analytics tool allowing you to explore relevant metrics, such as average time on page, session duration, page bounces, new users and exit rates. 

Feedback tools

It’s important to get a 360-degree view of your brand and your site. Feedback forms are one of the best ways to better understand the user perception of the audience experience. Because users are more likely to open a survey if it’s integrated into the channels they already use, Google’s powerful form-builder Google Forms is an excellent option. It’s free to use, offers plenty of functionalities and synchronizes with GoogleDrive. 

Live chat

Engaging your users via instant communication is about as direct as it gets. With live chat, your site is instantly more credible as you boast a presence of solid customer service right off the bat. Increased customer engagement, loyalty and sales will follow. Tools like LiveChat prevent you from losing users due to lack of guidance or unresolved issues. Tools like Drift can help qualify your digital inbound traffic and there are even live chat tools out there that connect website users with brand ambassadors who can answer their questions. 

Push notifications

Capturing and engaging your leads is paramount. Creating segmented push notifications is simple to accomplish with Pushnami. You can segment your subscriber list based on location, device, demographic, activity and interests. Browser-based notifications are a way for you to capture subscribers (like you do for email marketing) with the opt-in controlled by the user’s browser. Your website traffic opts in with a single click, no email address required, so it provides a great user experience for your audience. 

Social media management platforms

Social media is linked to tons of things going on inside your website. Stay aware of what’s happening across the social atmosphere so you can identify new leads and content opportunities. Sprout Social, for example, lets you share the same message across multiple social media channels. You can use it to reply to user messages in real-time and even set up automatic responses. Tools like Mention track all mentions of your brand name across the internet. It pays to keep a close eye on your social engagement.

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