Which push notifications do your customers want to see?

What push notifications do your customers want to see?

What if you could make your advertising relevant and make your customer interactions more productive? With the right push notifications, you can. When you get the timing and content of a push notification just right, you can ramp up customer engagement and provide exactly the type of messaging your customers want to see. Push notifications are browser-based and can be sent to Chrome, Firefox and Safari on desktop and mobile devices. They are a way to reach out to your customers when they are in the right place, at the right time. Notifications are sent while a user is active on their browser which is the best time for engagement and conversion.

With the right timing and content in your push notifications, you can make customer interactions more productive, ramp up engagement, and provide exactly the type of messaging your audience wants to see. Here’s how.

Push notifications and effective marketing

Customers want an encouraging voice to urge them along. When you are crafting your push notifications, make them encouraging, and use them to guide your customers to strive toward a value or goal. Using the information you have gleaned about your customers, you can design your push notifications to provide data that offers real value to them.

Informative push notifications

Imagine that you are a car dealer with customers seeking a specific make and model. With push notifications, you can alert them immediately when that make and model arrives on your lot, and even automate it so that once that information is entered into your back-end system, the notification goes out.

Locally-oriented alerts and push notifications that focus on a customer’s specific needs help your customers by anticipating their needs and allowing them to fulfill those needs easily.

Transactional push notifications

Push notifications can also be used to offer price alerts and deals. Go back for a moment to the illustration of the car dealer. When customers are looking for a new or used vehicle, they know that they are looking at a large expense. Sending your customer an alert via mobile device with a daily summary of vehicles that fit their specifications makes your notification useful in multiple ways.

Showing customers you’re anticipating their needs and are working on their terms builds loyalty. Get customers to sign up for push notifications, and you will greatly increase their connection to your brand and their desire to buy.

Build loyalty with push

Another excellent way to use push notifications is to provide information designed to nurture customer interest over time. Some purchases, especially those that are on the more expensive side, call for a bit more customer nurturing. Push notifications that remind customers to keep on searching where they left off or give them a sense of the trends in the industry will help add information to their data bank.

Regardless of your industry, you can use push notifications as reminders for your customers and to engage them and re-engage them on topics of interest. Loyalty matters.

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