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Use Case: How E-Commerce Companies Use Push Notifications

Web-based notifications are powerful tools for e-commerce companies. But like any marketing channel, it’s important to understand how they’re used in order to get the best possible results. To that end, let’s look at three broad categories for how your customers use information online, and how push notifications can help.

Transactional Push

A “transaction,” in this scenario, is not necessarily financial, although it can be. When you visit a car dealership to do a test drive, or visit a store to window shop and perhaps buy because there's a big sale, you're engaged in a real-world example of a “transactional” engagement online. Transactional push offers links to sites that can set up more forms of interaction; there's a big sale, so browse and buy something you want for yourself. The product you've shown interest in has just gotten a big upgrade, so look at the product demo.

Much of what e-commerce companies push out is transactional, so it's especially important to understand what the ideal transaction is. What's the one clear action you want your customer to do when you send them a push notification?

Notifications turn aspirations into sales.

Informational Push

Informational push is all about communicating useful data your customers need. For example, if you run a B2B business, you might set up push notifications to alert your customers that an invoice is being sent, that the check for an invoice has arrived, and that the invoice has been cleared. If you offer a product that has must-download updates, you should use push notifications as part of an alert campaign to ensure those are installed.

Informational push is ultimately data your customer needs to know but doesn't necessarily need to act on. This doesn't mean you shouldn't include a link; in our invoice example, including a clickable link to an online copy of the invoice is a courtesy and offers data your customer can use.

There are all sorts of ways you can use push in e-commerce; different industries have wildly different needs. But where customers need to engage with your site, where they need to learn something about their order, and when they need that one clear, precise idea, you’ll find web-based push notifications are the best tool. To see their power in action, sign up for a live demo of Pushnami!

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