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Use Case: How to Use Push Notifications as a Promotional Tool

Until recently, promotion was largely built around quantity, not quality. You put a message where the maximum number of people would see it, and you hoped that a small fraction of those who listened bought your product. Now, you put your product in front of a crowd where every single member is considering buying your product. Here's a look at how push notifications, in particular, can maximize your promotional efforts.


The first step to any promotional process is to get the word out. Informing consumers is crucial in an era where they can check any claim. Push notifications allow potential customers to sign up to learn more about your product. Your company might push links to instructional videos, customer testimonials, and specification sheets. Sometimes it's even simpler than that: Travel companies use push notifications to inform travelers about their flight the day before, and TV networks let users know when a new season of their favorite show is posted.

And for current customers that you're seeking to turn into ambassadors for your product, push notifications can be even more valuable. You can update customers on features, let them know about new products coming, offer new uses for the items they've bought, and provide product support and news in a clear, simple, direct format. You can also drive them towards other channels such as social media.

Promotion is about personal interaction with individual customers.


Push notifications can also be useful for monetizing your audience. As you gather data on what interests your audience, you can work with third parties and affiliates to create exclusive offers for your push subscribers, and you can also offer your own exclusive deals. Over time, you can turn your push notification list into a carefully curated VIP list where only those who opt-in can access the very best.

It's really this easy.


Increasingly, the most precious currency potential customers have is time, and they're spending a valuable bit of it engaging with your promotional message. Make the best use of their time by strategically promoting your products and special offers. Promote your company's social message, your employees' volunteerism, or even explain where a dollar spent at your company goes. Whatever your customers value in exchange for their time, push notifications allow you to give it to them effectively and quickly.

Get your point across.

Promotion has, thankfully for all of us, abandoned the bullhorns to become far more personal. Push notifications offer the ability to do just that, instantaneously, and get your product noticed. To learn more, sign up for a live.

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