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"Share a real testimonial that hits some of your benefits (but isn’t too sales-y)."


Tell a compelling story

Use this long-form section to really paint a picture of the before and after. What’s the problem you’re solving? What’s the benefit people are getting?

For example, if you’re hosting a webinar about how to collect leads for an online business, describe the struggle of trying to find and convert prospects—then explain how your webinar is gonna help make it easier.

You can also highlight the urgency or exclusivity of your offer. If this is only available on a particular day or for a limited time, make that clear.

End with one final call to action

This is your last shot at converting someone. Remember to link the call to action button so it sends visitors back to your form at the top of the page.



This is a great space to further clarify your offer, whether it’s additional benefits or need-to-know details.

Detail 1

We offer a no-risk 3 month trial for all ecommerce stores.  

Step 1 - Install

General Install

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Step 2 - Campaigns

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Step 3 - Revenue


Include a video or photo to help people understand your offer (or just to hype ‘em up).

Show visitors what they’re signing up for

Some more details of your offer

Detail 2

For example, you could call out some of the specific, actionable learnings from your ebook or webinar.

Detail 3

This is also your last opportunity to call out any information that might convince visitors to convert. Make it count.

Flexible plans available to support your marketing goals

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✔️ Capture Subscribers

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up to 70,000

*Exact monthly charge is based on your active subscriber count.


Pushnami is free to install and all stores receive 1500 subscribers for free forever. 

As a bonus, all new users receive a 30 day free trial of our Premium plan. You can convert to a paid plan at any point within the Pushnami dashboard. All billing is done through Shopify.