Pushnami Expert Series: Michelle Plunkett & Pushnomics


Michelle Plunkett, MPAff is Pushnami’s very own Director of Data Science. She brings a unique background of experience to the organization, ranging from public policy to data analysis and machine learning.

In her role at Pushnami, Michelle serves by analyzing data to determine trends and optimizing our machine learning system to maximize performance.

To kick off our Pushnami Expert Series, Michelle will discuss Machine Learning (ML) and her impact on our own ML product: Pushnomics.

In an age when consumers are constantly getting bombarded with advertising and promotions, it’s more crucial than ever to make your messaging break through the noise. With so much inflation in the messaging industry, you are constantly bidding for time on your target audiences’ smart devices. To make your messaging stand out, you must segment and personalize each message you send to your subscribers.

In a recent study I read, it was determined that personalizing your push notifications increases open rates by up to 800% as opposed to sending generic “one-size-fits-all” notifications. Optimizing your push strategy with personalized recommendations can be manageable for smaller subscriber lists, but at scale it is nearly impossible to manually optimize messaging for every subscriber you have. This is where machine learning comes in.

ML enables automated workflows, which helps decrease operational costs from an overall business standpoint, creating more time for your employees to enhance other parts of the business.”

Michelle Plunkett Director of Data Science, Pushnami

Push Notifications + Machine Learning = Pushnomics

At Pushnami we call our ML system “Pushnomics”, which we mostly leverage for optimizing our clients’ messaging strategies. Pushnomics is a supervised learning system that recommends offers in a particular sending order for each subscriber. When our users attempt to manually optimize their push campaigns, they’re typically able to make small adjustments that improve their overall success, but their content will never be able to reach 100% optimization, leaving potential dollars on the table. ML enables automated workflows, which helps decrease operational costs from an overall business standpoint, creating more time for your employees to enhance other parts of the business. This is not unique to the push notification industry and is applicable for most organizations.

Pushnomics enables your push notifications to be “smart”, which can give your messages the extra boost needed to edge out your competition. Some major benefits of Pushnomics-enabled push campaigns include:


An average overall boost in performance of 30% compared to manual scheduling


The ability to auto-test all messaging creatives and order combinations


Hyper-relevant push notifications for your subscribers based on dozens of subscriber factors


An improved customer experience, which can lead to improved retention (since subscribers are only receiving relevant content)


Increased customer engagement


The ability to understand your customers’ interests and needs more efficiently

Deep Insights Into Your Subscriber Base

By integrating Pushnomics into your push strategy, you’re able to increase messaging relevancy by making push notifications sending decisions that are aware of different aspects of your subscribers. For example, Pushnomics can determine the device which your subscriber base typically prefers to open notifications on, the time of when they clicked and converted, and their general location. Pushnomics can also determine if certain offers perform better for subscribers on phones, desktops or tablets. Your push strategy is automatically adjusted to capitalize on the devices that are reacting positively to your pushes. And this is just an example of the type of information that Pushnomics uses to make decisions.

Our development team is constantly working on improving Pushnomics and other features that have allowed us to send over 100 billion messages through our system. If you’re interested in learning how Pushnami can help increase your sales conversions, click below to sign up for a free trial today!

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