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Facebook Messaging

SocialPush allows you to collect and message website visitors through Facebook messenger with the same code that powers all other notifications with Pushnami. The most used App on both Android and iPhones currently is Facebook. Our AI powered messenger can optimize and respond similar to how a human might interact with subscribers and potential customers.

Platform Support

Pushnami SocialPush technology is compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices (including iPhone) without requiring the visitor to download an additional app. Simply create or connect your current facebook business account to start collecting and messaging subscribers instantly.

Does Pushnami Support iPhone?

Yes! SocialPush works directly with iPhone users who have shown to be a valuable and highly engaged target audience.

Automated Targeting and Customization To Accomplish Your Goals

Pushnomics AI Machine Learning
Personalized Messaging
API Integration
One-Click Subscription

How Pushnami Targeting Works

What Our Clients Are Seeing:

Subscription Rates at above 10% for iPhone Users

Average Subscription Rate above 12% for Pushnami.

Performance Increases of 3 to 5x versus other push platforms

AI Machine Learning allows for targeting down to individual subscribers and automated optimization/testing of new creatives and campaigns.

Dedicated and Experienced Support Team

Industry experts available 24/7 that help you install, plan and improve.

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