Send the right message at the right time. 

Visitors and app users opt into notifications with a single click. They don't have to provide any personal info -- like an email address -- meaning they trust them more than traditional marketing channels.

🛒 eCommerce: run coupon and promo offers, send shipping updates & promote new product releases. 

✔️Affiliates: Maximize your lander conversion and run related 3rd party offers directly to your subscribers. 

💻 Software & Technology: improve user onboarding, send billing reminders, promote your latest user webinar/blog & send product announcements.

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Pushnami is the fastest growing digital messaging platform that marketers love & developers rely on to increase engagement with their digital audiences.

A New Channel for User Communication

Modern marketers focus on optimizing conversion funnels and creating memorable brand experiences. Developers and product teams focus on increasing active users while needing to quickly & easily scale their efforts without taking on tech debt. 

Pushnami's push notification platform opens up a new communication channel for marketers while being an easy-to-implement solution for developers.

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A great user experience

15% Opt-in Rates

Push opt-in rates can average 15%, giving you an even larger audience to market to. 100,000 web visitors = 15,000 push subscribers.

30% Boost in Engagement

Studies show that push notifications are 30% more effective than email. What would you do with 30% more leads, active users, or sales?

📃 News & Content: send breaking news updates, bring old audiences back with targeted topical news & monetize with 3rd party offers 

"Once we started leveraging their abandoned cart and retargeting features, we saw an overall increased average order volume."

Shopify User

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Marshall Higgins

"An intuitive and easy to use platform for all of your push notification needs. Setting up campaigns, A/B testing capabilities and taking advantage of smart send tools are simple to learn and optimize from...big thumbs up all around."

Josh F.

Marketing Agency

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Other push platforms offer a limited trial (14 days with locked features) or a free plan up to a certain number of subscribers. We want you to see the value of push notifications and not be held back by campaign limits or subscriber database caps. 

You get our enterprise-level push platform for free for 3 months - no credit card, no risk, no gimmicks. 
This allows you to implement and test your push strategy without having to invest upfront $ on a yet unproven tool.

Works with all major desktop browsers and mobile apps

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Here's how some sites use push in their communication strategies: