Affiliate Marketing Company Decreases CPA by 30% With the Pushnami Ad Network

The Challenge of Finding High-Quality Traffic for Low Costs

This affiliate marketing company (who has asked to remain anonymous) owns and operates multiple affiliate websites across the finance, sweepstakes, samples/freebies, lifestyle, job search, insurance, home improvement, surveys and the senior space.

This business was seeking new performance marketing channels to help drive high-quality traffic to their offers to maximize their revenue. They had heard about the low costs of web push traffic, so they reached out to Pushnami to add the Pushnami Ad network to their advertising mix.

Easy to start, test and scale

They quickly got to work with the Pushnami in-house creative team to optimize creatives and campaigns for push, and started testing offers in the Pushnami Ad Network.

Two weeks after testing, they compared conversion rates against other traditional ad networks to see if push was a worthwhile channel to permanently add to their affiliate marketing strategy. 

The Result?

This affiliate marketing company was able to spend less with the Pushnami Ad Network on a cost-per-click basis while also maintaining a lower cost-per-acquisition for their campaigns. They generated an average CPC of $0.20 with a 30% decrease in CPA compared to traditional advertising networks.


The main things I look for with our affiliate marketing strategy include consistent high-quality traffic, consistent lead generation, and easy optimizing of sub-source IDs. I’m glad to say Pushnami’s Ad Network has delivered on all of these needs for a more affordable cost with better performance than other channels we’ve worked with."
Media Buyer
Affiliate Marketing Company

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