How an Affiliate Publishing Client Fortified Their Marketing Strategy with Pushnami

This client (who has asked to remain anonymous) is a leader in providing a full spectrum of credit-related products and services to individuals under served by traditional financial institutions. Through partnerships with various national lenders and credit bureaus, this company provides their customers access to credit and benefits they deserve.

The Challenge of Maximizing the Reach of Affiliate Offers

Like many businesses with affiliate marketing strategies, this client aims to find unique ways to maximize reach on their offers. Traditional marketing channels like display ads have their limitations, and it can become increasingly difficult to grow and optimize those campaigns at scale.

This client and Pushnami partnered together to implement a push strategy on a collection of their website domains to help drive quality traffic to their offers. Pushnami’s ability to monetize web traffic paired with the opportunity to advertise their offers in the Pushnami ad network gave them everything they needed to achieve their goals.

Using PushClick+ to Monetize Web Traffic

PushClick+ allows any Pushnami user to include personalized and compliant third-party offers from the Pushnami ad network in their send strategy. All third-party offers included in each strategy are put through a review process that ensures only appropriate and on-brand messaging is sent to their subscribers. 

For this client, this opens up an additional monetization opportunity from their website traffic that they otherwise would not have had. They enabled PushClick+ on each of their domains using Pushnami and have established a reliable & consistent revenue stream from this strategy.

Mobile phone showing step by step user opt in for push notifications

Advertising With the Pushnami Ad Network

This client also advertises their offers in the Pushnami ad network: the first performance-based ad network designed exclusively for web push notifications. Their offers are based on a CPC basis and are able to deliver their offers to targeted audiences within the financial assistance, subprime loans, personal loans and other relevant spaces. 

The process is as easy as the client’s team sharing the link to the offer they would like to promote, then the in-house Pushnami creative team shares the web push creatives for their approval. All tracking, optimization, and split testing is done on Pushnami’s end and all decisions are discussed together during regular meetings with the client’s dedicated client success representative.


615K+ Web Push Subscribers
This client has attracted more than 615,000 web push subscribers across all their domains using Pushnami.
Average Monthly Advertising Clicks
This client averages 135,000 clicks each month from their web push advertising strategy.
Monthly PushClick+ Revenue
PushClick+ has enabled this client to gain an additional ~$17K from their Web Push subscribers each month.


Pushnami has allowed us to build a profitable relationship where we’re able to make revenue from the publishing side as well as the advertising side. We’re one of Pushnami’s oldest clients and it’s been great from the very beginning."
- Affiliate Account Manager

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