How AstroStyle Engages Their Readers with A Fully-Managed Web Push Strategy

Ophira and Tali Edut, known as the AstroTwins, are professional astrologers who have been publishing unique lifestyle-based content on their website Astrostyle for over ten years.

Reaching millions worldwide, they have authored four print books and have a growing collection of ebooks including their popular annual horoscope guides. See how the AstroTwins found success using Pushnami’s content and ecommerce strategies to level up their digital presence.

The Challenge of Delivering Personalized Content

Finding ways to place the right article or the most-relevant product in front of the right reader is a massive challenge. When your audience receives content and product alerts that are relevant to their interests, they’re more likely to engage and interact with your website which provides a better overall user experience and creates new monetization opportunities

With a readership of more than 4.5 million unique visitors a month, AstroStyle’s goals with Pushnami were to establish an agency-style managed approach to help automate personalized content delivery to their readers, as well as help support their ecommerce division of their business with Pushnomics machine learning

Web Push Notifications

The AstroTwins installed Web Push on their website as a means to reach their audience instantly on any device. Their main goal was to drive as many repeat readers to their website as possible to increase their on-page revenue through their display ads.

AstroStyle worked with their dedicated Pushnami account manager to implement a browser-based push strategy to help promote their latest content and pop-up webinars.

Fast forward to today, Web Push retargeting campaigns have led to hundreds of thousands of additional repeat visits to AstroStyle that they otherwise may not have received. These campaigns lead directly to product pages or fresh content that the AstroTwins produce.

An Agency Style, Hands-Off Approach

As part of being a managed Pushnami client, the AstroTwins work with Pushnami’s push experts to handle the process of developing all their Web Push creatives

Once the organization finalizes their content calendar for the month ahead, their Pushnami account manager handles the entire process of developing the imagery and copy, and then helps optimize the send strategy for the best subscriber engagement possible and provides their results via regular check-in meetings.

Personalized Content for Each Subscriber

Content websites such as AstroStyle often have a wide variety of topics and articles to share with their readers, but it’s extremely difficult to promote that content to a large audience in a relevant way that speaks to each individual subscriber.

Leveraging Pushnomics machine learning and Pushnami’s advanced segmentation capabilities, each AstroStyle subscriber receives a daily push notification with that day’s horoscope, along with content relevant to similar articles they’ve previously clicked on and product recommendations from their ecommerce shop.

These personalized recommendations not only create an all-around more engaging experience for their readers, but can also help generate repeat traffic to their website thus helping contribute additional ad revenue.


315K+ Web Push Subscribers
AstroStyle now has more than 315K subscribers and averages thousands of new subscribers each day.
Managed Push Development & Optimization
Pushnami’s in-house push experts build and manage all of AstroStyle’s push creatives for a completely hands-off approach to their content delivery.
Personalized Content for Each Subscriber
Leveraging Pushnami’s machine learning and segmentation capabilities, each subscriber receives personalized content just for them (including their daily horoscope).


Working with Pushnami has helped us create an easy way for our loyal readers to stay up-to-date with the latest from AstroStyle. We’ve consistently seen increased page views and additional product sales from their automated push campaigns and working with our account manager has been a very smooth and beneficial process.”
Ophira & Tali Edut
Co-CEOs & Founders of AstroStyle

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