How Bright Horizons Media Improved Their Clients’ Profits with Pushnami

The Challenge of Finding Consistent & Scalable Revenue Streams

As a marketing agency, Bright Horizons Media’s success relies on finding multiple sources of reliable revenue streams for their clients. Many of these clients own lead generation websites, and BHM assists them with finding ways to recoup their paid search costs and other similar expenses. Without the right revenue-generating strategies in place this can be increasingly difficult, especially at scale.

BHM and Pushnami partnered together in 2018 to implement a Web Push strategy on a variety of their clients’ domains to help maximize their potential revenue. Pushnami’s ability to monetize their clients’ web traffic set them and their clients up for long-term success.

Using PushClick+ to Monetize Web Traffic

PushClick+ allows any Pushnami user to include personalized and compliant third-party offers from the Pushnami ad network in their send strategy. All third-party offers included in each strategy are put through a review process that ensures only appropriate and on-brand messaging is sent to their subscribers.

This additional monetization opportunity is what BHM describes as a “cherry on top” for their clients. As more web traffic arrives to their clients’ landing pages, more of that traffic opts-in to receive Web Push notifications. One of their clients’ websites,, has grown to over 150K subscribers alone. Those subscribers are sent third-party offers that, when clicked, provide BHM’s clients with an additional revenue source from their own web traffic each month that they otherwise would not have.

Completely Managed by the Pushnami Team of Web Push Experts

Part of BHM’s agreements with their clients is that Pushnami manages their push accounts for them. This provides their clients with a hands-off approach where Pushnami’s team of Austin-based push experts can implement industry best practices. 

As a managed client, BHM’s team meets with their dedicated account managers from Pushnami on a regular basis to discuss topics including (but not limited to:


166K+ Web Push Subscribers
BHM has attracted more than 166,000 Web Push subscribers for their clients using Pushnami and gain thousands more each day.
Average Monthly Advertising Clicks
BHM averages over 3,500 clicks each month from their web push advertising strategy.
Monthly PushClick+ Revenue
PushClick+ has enabled BHM's clients to gain an additional ~$5,500 from their Web Push subscribers each month.


More than anything else, I love the humans at Pushnami. The support we receive is the best in the industry. It always feels like helpful collaboration and it never really feels like work. It's almost like getting together with a group of friends."
Brittany Catania
VP of Operations @ Bright Horizons Media

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