How Newsweek Gained Additional Repeat Readership After Switching to Pushnami

The Challenge of Repeat Readership

For many news and content sites, finding new opportunities to grow website traffic is their biggest challenge. More website traffic means more revenue, whether from display ads, premium subscriptions, or other monetization strategies.

With a readership of more than sixty million visitors a month, Newsweek’s goals were to improve their user experience and loyalty using Pushnami’s browser-based push notifications and email functionality.

The Results

Web Push

500K+ Web Push Subscribers

Newsweek attracted more than 500K web push subscribers in under 8 weeks after getting started with Pushnami.


Email Monetization

Newsweek’s free newsletter service changed overnight from a cost center to a profit center.

Email Deliverability

Improved Gmail Open Rate From 12% to 19%

Newsweek’s email subscribers receive a daily digest of content they’re already producing, which include native ads that help generate additional revenue.

Web Push Notifications

Newsweek installed Web Push on their website so their readers could set-up alerts for important or targeted news stories.

They also implemented Smart Subscribe (example pictured right), which enables them to deliver an on-brand opt-in that maximizes their opt-in rate.

Using our easy RSS integration, Newsweek began sending the latest trending articles and breaking news stories to their subscribers on a regular cadence based on subscriber interests. This also automated the creation of the push notification (image, headline, body, CTA) saving their editorial team hours of work per week.


  • Newsweek attracted 500K+ Web Push subscribers in under 8 weeks.

Email Deliverability

After incorporating Pushnami’s email platform into their marketing mix, Newsweek started emailing their subscribers a daily digest of their top stories along with promotions for their premium subscription plans.

Using Pushnami’s detailed ISP deliverability reports, the Pushnami team adjusted Newsweek’s sending strategy to reach maximum inboxing rates.


  • Gmail open rate improved from 12% to 19%.


Newsweek also decided to use Pushnami’s ad feed to insert native ads into their email strategy, allowing them to earn additional revenue every time a subscriber clicks on one of the ads. Now that Newsweek has begun incorporating these ads, they are now able to rely on email as a monetization channel rather than just an outlet to communicate with their audience.


  • Newsweek’s free newsletter service changed overnight from a cost center to a profit center.

Pushnami has been an incredible partner for us. Their tailored approach to helping us craft our web push and email strategies has empowered us to transform our streams for audience reach into revenue, while providing a more engaging experience overall for our readers.”

Adam Silvers Associate Director of Strategy, Newsweek

Just like Newsweek, Pushnami can help amplify your news and content website and keep your readers coming back for more. Take advantage of Pushnami’s 30-day free trial, and if you’re using WordPress to host your website, you can install Pushnami via our WordPress plugin with just a few easy steps. Ready to get started?

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