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Email Delivery

Mailnami offers unmatched automation and delivery tools to ensure you send the correct message at the right time directly to the inbox. Our team consists of experts with over 15 years of experience in Enterprise level email marketing that will help you setup and maintain long-term success.

Why use Mailnami for Email?

Cross-Channel Retargeting

Combine the power of email, web push, and facebook messaging in order to accomplish your desired goals.

Combined User Profile

Better target and learn about your subscribers by tracking them across all Pushnami marketing types.

Amazing Delivery

Monitoring and Setup that targets each ISP differently to ensure to highest delivery and preventing issues before they arise.

Automated Targeting and Customization To Accomplish Your Goals

Pushnomics AI Machine Learning
Personalized Messaging
API Integration
One-Click Subscription

How Pushnami Targeting Works

What Our Clients Are Seeing:

Delivery Rates above 99%

Custom tools and automated alerts by ISP to ensure full inbox delivery.

Performance Increases of 3 to 5x versus other email platforms

AI Machine Learning allows for targeting down to individual subscribers and automated optimization/testing of new creatives and campaigns.

Dedicated and Experienced Support Team

Industry experts available 24/7 that help you install, plan and improve.

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