Apple’s New Push Notification Ad Rules

Apple’s New Push Notification Ad Rules

Last week Apple released new guidelines that now allow App Store apps to send ads as push notifications. Previously apps couldn’t use push notifications for “advertising, promotions, or direct marketing purposes,” but that’s no longer the case as spotted by 9to5Mac.

Section 4.5.4 now reads this way:

4.5.4 Push Notifications must not be required for the app to function, and should not be used to send sensitive personal or confidential information. Push Notifications should not be used for promotions or direct marketing purposes unless customers have explicitly opted in to receive them via consent language displayed in your app’s UI, and you provide a method in your app for a user to opt out from receiving such messages. Abuse of these services may result in revocation of your privileges.

So how can you start to use ads in your mobile push notifications?

Pushnami CEO Emerson Smith published some considerations that marketers need to think through before implementing ads in their push notifications in “Hey Marketers, You Can Now (Officially) Send Ads in iOS Push Notifications.”

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