New Feature: Improved Bot Detection & Removal

New Feature: Improved Bot Detection & Removal

We’re excited to announce we’ve rolled out our latest feature that allows us to more efficiently detect and remove bot traffic for all websites that use Pushnami. This update has already been implemented and requires no lift from any of our users.

When we say “bot traffic”, we’re referring to fraudulent software programs that are scripted to mimic normal activity such as clicking on ads, subscribing to web push notifications, placing items in shopping carts, and filling out forms such as newsletter sign-up forms. Removing bot traffic ensures that we can continue to offer our advertising partners quality conversions and publishing clients a better overall connection with real website visitors. 

Additionally, we’re now actively blocking all traffic in our network from tier 3 countries to help improve overall traffic quality.

Managed Pushnami clients have nothing to worry about – we’ll happily provide you with a breakdown of the bot traffic we’ve been able to remove from your subscribers during your next check-in meeting.

For Enterprise Pushnami clients, you can see a breakdown of bot traffic we’ve detected and removed from your account by navigating to the Pushnami admin -> Subscribers -> Statistics. You’ll see a daily breakdown of blocked bot traffic under the new “Blocked” column.

If you have any questions about bot traffic or how we can help improve your Pushnami experience, please reach out to your client success manager. We’re always here to help!

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