Data Protection & Security is an Integral Part of our Strategy

Data Protection & Security is an Integral Part of our Strategy

One of our four core values at Pushnami is staying true to our word. This means that when we say maintaining our clients’ data protection and security is at the top of our priority list, we really mean it.

Our four-step approach to data security ensures that whenever we handle our clients’ data, they can expect that we’re going above and beyond to provide them with a safe and secure workspace.

Here are the measures we take to ensure we are true to our word:

Data Encryption

All the data in rest and in transfer is being encrypted using strong, industry standard algorithms. We review data storage and connections periodically to ensure the best possible protection.

Data Retention

We only keep data elements for as long as we require them to satisfy systems operations. We employ data lifecycle rules, which take care of archiving and deleting data that is no longer actively in use.


All the records transmitted into our Machine Learning, Reporting and Statistical databases are stripped of private/sensitive data elements to reduce the potential impact that a cyber attack could have.

Record Segregation

We split logical records to host them into separate physical databases, and only join them at the time when a specific operation needs all the data. That way – e.g. username/password for SaaS login does not reside together with the rest of the account information.

To learn more about our data privacy practices and why you should trust your business with Pushnami, speak with one of our push experts today.

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