6 ways advertisers are using push notifications to scale their communications and success


Making use of automation for mass communication is no secret for advertisers. While email is a very prioritized advertising channel, push notification marketing is down for the count. With advanced segmentation, personalization and automation capabilities, advertisers use push notifications throughout various stages of the buyer journey for big results. Best of all, users don’t have to provide any identifiable information when opting in to receive these push notifications.

 Here are six ways advertisers are reaching their audiences via web push.

First impressions stick—and so do welcome notifications!

That first hour after someone opts in to receive push notifications is extremely valuable. Your brand is fresh on the user’s mind and you have the opportunity to send an automated welcome push notification to each new subscriber, thanking them for opting in and encouraging an initial action. Use this as a chance to persuade them to register for a webinar, download a new guide, return to an abandoned cart/form or lead them to a high-performing piece of content. 

A welcome drip campaign works wonders

A one-time welcome push notification is a great start. But do you know what’s even better? A series introductory campaign that delivers a collection of smart, persuasive and captivating notifications over a set period of time. Your introductory push marketing drip campaign can help establish your brand by educating users on your business values, brand mission, charitable initiatives or your unique offers. 

Recapture lost revenue with abandoned browse/cart

Retargeting abandoned carts is a top concern for advertisers as cart abandonment ranges from anywhere between 60 to 80 percent of ecommerce visitors. Establishing automated campaigns focused on converting abandoned carts or browse is a critical step. Push notifications help advertisers engage consumers and nudge them to reclaim lost carts and revisit stalled browses. 

Use abandoned funnel campaigns to get customers to complete forms

Struggling with form completion rates? Strike up an abandoned funnel push campaign to retarget subscribers who don’t finish filling their forms out. The push notification simply deploys when a subscriber visits a preliminary page on the form but does not advance to your target page within a determined period of time.   

Retarget inactive subscribers 

Are you hoping to reengage subscribers who have gone inactive? Push marketing technology is used to reactivate a user’s attention by setting up recurring notifications and instantly updating the segment according to site data. Use push notifications to your advantage to generate consistent, converting website traffic. 

Drum up content awareness with RSS feeds

Start increasing brand awareness and site traffic to your content with automated RSS feeds. Automatically deploy push notifications as soon as new content is published to the connected feed. Worried about message fatigue? Segmentation and frequency caps allow you to deliver the right content to the right subscribers at the right time. 

Are you hoping to explore more avenues to engage consumers? Push notifications are one of the best ways to get there. Encourage your audience to make purchases, complete forms, engage with your content and fall in love with your brand.

Start today!