Is push marketing a good fit for my website?


Investing in a new marketing channel for your website is a commitment. Why add a new technology to your stack if you’re not going to take advantage of it to its full potential? While the propensity for a positive ROI should be top of mind, finding new avenues to engage with audiences is always worth exploring. Push notifications have tons of monetization potential and are proven to amplify existing marketing efforts. 

Which vertical reaps the most benefits of push?

A better question is which vertical doesn’t! Brands and advertisers use web push notifications to share timely messages and encourage target actions. Ecommerce marketers can use push to retarget abandoned carts via web push notifications, publishers can share top-performing content to re-engage their audience and affiliates can notify customers about complementary products and services.

Common use cases by vertical


Engage active consumers to encourage purchases by retargeting via abandoned browse/cart notifications or through recommendation engines


Build subscriber lists by sharing breaking news articles or enticing readers with top-performing content.

Affiliate Marketers

Create urgency and excitement using flash sales and new discount alerts.


Remind travelers of their check-in times, flight status or flash sale specials.


Recruit more donors for volunteering and campaign contributions via retargeting.

General Marketing

Drive traffic to campaigns and grow your subscriber base.

Websites looking for monetization opportunities should use push

Looking to expand your monetization strategy? You can do so using a monetized web push notification. The notification displays a targeted third-party offer, and the website owner gets paid when a subscriber clicks on the offer. These offers can be delivered through Pushnami or  managed by the website owners themselves to diversify revenue. 

Push supports existing marketing efforts

Web push complements existing marketing avenues via real-time notifications that reinforce messages and strengthen relationships. With the end of third-party cookies approaching, identifying new ways to collect first-party data is top-of-mind. Start using push notifications now so you can continue to offer the personalized experiences consumers have become accustomed to. 

Don’t underestimate the power of personalization 

Personalized messaging works. 52 percent of customers expect personalized offers. 66 percent of consumers expect brands to understand their specific needs. Websites can send personalized push messages at scale to speak to subscribers’ desires. 

Ready to hit the gas on retargeting and reengaging your audience? We want to work with you!