New feature: Shopify browse abandonment

New feature: Shopify browse abandonment

Last week, we rolled out our Pushnami Shopify app, which makes it easier than ever for ecommerce marketers to get started using browser-based push notifications for Shopify. Our tech team moves fast, and today we’re excited to officially release one of the most requested features: Browse Abandonment.

Browse abandonment occurs when a potential customer visits a certain category or product on your store but fails to place anything in their cart to checkout. This is similar to cart abandonment, but occurs slightly earlier in the customer journey (before they ever place anything in their cart). 

Once somebody visits your website, the goal is to get them to move down through the funnel all the way to the end where they ultimately complete a transaction. There’s no disputing what abandoned cart retargeting is capable of, but the vast majority of potential customers (89.1% of them) never make it to the checkout screen of your website. So how can you recapture these lost potential customers? 

With Pushnami’s Browse Abandonment capabilities, you can retarget an entire new audience of potential customers with an automated push notification that will send them a reminder to revisit specific items from your store that they were previously browsing.

Not only does this benefit your customers by showing them personalized, relevant messages that encourage them to revisit your site and interact with your store, but it also empowers you as a ecommerce merchant to capture potential lost customers that previously might not have ever returned.

Activate Browse Abandonment in your Shopify store today with just one click. Not on our Enterprise plan to unlock this feature? Talk to one of our conversion experts today or get a demo to learn more.

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