Miva & Pushnami partner to help merchants capture customers

Leading ecommerce software and service provider, Miva, has joined forces with Pushnami—the leader in subscriber messaging and monetization. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to becoming the go-to digital messaging platform for ecommerce businesses.

The integration expands the Miva ecommerce platform with a push notification platform that combines automations for abandoned cart recovery, shipping notifications, product upsell recommendations and welcome notifications, with enterprise-level segmentation, machine learning and personalization features

Online merchants can leverage the Miva platform and Pushnami to provide memorable, engaging shopping experiences and ensure their customers get real-time updates about the status of their orders. This new integration helps merchants recover potentially lost sales, automatically upsell and cross-sell products and enable the use of time-based flash sales.

This new integration makes it easier for sellers to capture online subscribers, plug funnel holes and establish repeat traffic. Merchants can create personalized push notifications to engage shoppers and reduce browse and cart abandonment.

Explore the features available to all Miva store owners: 

Welcome Notification Automation

Delivering an exceptional customer experience to new subscribers is critical to the likelihood they will evolve into a repeat customer. Trigger a notification to your new subscribers, offer them a discount code or just give them a warm hello with our Welcome Notification automation. 

Abandoned Cart Recovery Automation

Did you know that approximately 70 percent of carts are abandoned without a shopper completing a purchase? These are people who discovered your online store, showed intent to make buy something and left your site before actually purchasing anything.

With Pushnami’s Abandoned Cart automation, merchants can recover that missed revenue.

Browse Abandonment Automation

Browse abandonment occurs when a shopper visits a certain category or product inside your store but fails to place anything in their cart. Regardless of how much time they spend reading the item description, scanning through product photos and checking out reviews, the potential customer never reaches the checkout screen stage. 89.1 percent of shoppers fall in this category

With Pushnami’s Browse Abandonment automation, Miva merchants can increase the likelihood that potential customers will make it to the checkout page.

Recommendation Engine 

Product recommendations drive 24 percent of orders and 26 percent of revenue, and shoppers who click a recommendation are nearly twice as likely to come back to the site. Pushnami’s Recommendation Engine takes our internal knowledge of machine learning technology and applies it to product recommendations for online shoppers. Based on the view and purchase behavior of your site visitors, it automatically knows what product they are most likely to buy next. Once the engine has identified the right product to recommend, it pre-populates a web push notification with the image, text and product link. Miva merchants simply activate it and set the frequency as they watch the revenue start to flow in.

Shipping Updates Automation

Your customer expects immediate updates regarding their order status. More importantly, they want to know when their order ships and how to track it. The Shipping Updates automation triggers when the order is fulfilled and begins its journey to delivery, as well as when the product arrives to their home.

Promotional Flash Sales

Want to turn a one-time customer into a repeat customer? Of course, you do! Commence with flash sales by simply creating your discount code, uploading your creative and segmenting your audience with ease. 

Enjoy a 30-day trial

Miva merchants can segment their audiences and incorporate rich media within their notifications. Check out our 30–day trial to start reaping the benefits. Believe us, you’ll want to stick around when you see the revenue you recover with push notifications.

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