First ecommerce recommendation engine for web push notifications

First ecommerce recommendation engine for web push notifications

When it comes to your online store’s ability to activate and retain customers, product recommendations can make the difference between a customer who visits your store once, and one who comes back again and again. According to a Salesforce report, product recommendations drive 24 percent of orders and 26 percent of revenue, and shoppers who click a recommendation are nearly twice as likely to come back to the site. Our latest Shopify automation, Recommendation Engine, allows Shopify merchants to master the role of the seasoned sales clerk.  

Recommendation Engine takes our internal knowledge of machine learning technology and applies it to product recommendations for online shoppers. Based on the view and purchase behavior of your site visitors, it automatically knows what product they are most likely to buy next. 

And once it’s found the right product to recommend, it pre-populates a web push notification with the image, text and product link. You simply activate it and set the frequency – revenue starts to flow soon after. 

Recommendation Engine push notification example

We released this new feature to our current Shopify clients last week and one store has already generated just over $4,000 in sales with it turned on for 20% of their subscribers. 

Recommendation Engine Automation In-App Experience

This established web push notifications as one of their top marketing channels for the week and one with the most promise for future growth. And it required no extra marketing investment — all they did was set it to Active in their account.

Recommendation Engine is just the latest automation we’ve added to Pushnami to help Shopify merchants engage and monetize their online shoppers. Our full platform features for Shopify merchants now include automations to help you grow brand affinity (Welcome Notifications & Shipping Notifications), convert your funnel (Browse and Cart Abandonment) and drive repeat sales (Recommendation Engine, Flash Sales).

Recommendation Engine increases the lifetime value of your subscribers by giving them product recommendations they are most likely to want

Getting started with Recommendation Engine

Implementing a new marketing technology is never as easy as it sounds. But Pushanmi is — it just works. Install through the Shopify app store, activate your trial (no credit card required) and simply turn on the automations to behold web push notifications becoming one of your top marketing channels. Yes, it’s that easy.  

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