Web push notifications for shopify

Web push notifications for shopify

Back in mid-March, we opened up our platform for free for 6 months to any businesses impacted by COVID-19. We were blown away by the response — almost 40% of the businesses that signed up were ecommerce stores. Many of them were seeing traffic shifts, new buying behaviors from customers, and they had unclear marketing strategies for how to survive and grow into the future.

We made it our mission to help them succeed. And today is our next step toward that mission.

Pushnami is now Shopify app store official!

This new integration demonstrates our commitment to providing ecommerce merchants with a best-in-class push notification platform that combines automations for abandoned cart recovery, shipping notifications, and welcome notifications, with the enterprise-level segmentation, machine learning, and personalization features that are used by more than 20,000 global websites.

With the Shopify and Pushnami integration, Shopify merchants can use Shopify cart, purchase and even discount code data to create personalized push notifications that engage shoppers, reduce cart abandonment, and capture up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

A dedicated Ecommerce Dashboard and revenue report show merchants which efforts are working and which aren’t, so they can quickly update workflows and campaign efforts.

Check out the features available now to all Shopify store owners: 

Automation: Abandoned Cart Recovery

On average, more than 70% of carts are abandoned without a potential buyer completing a purchase. These are people who have discovered your online store, shown intent to make a purchase, and for whatever reason left your site before making a purchase. 

Recover missed revenue with our Abandoned Cart automation that just works

Shopify push notifications abandoned cart
Abandoned cart push notifications for Shopify

Automation: Welcome Notification

Providing a great customer experience to new subscribers is vital to turning them into a repeat customer. Trigger a notification to your new subscribers (give them a discount code or just say hi 👋) with our Welcome Notification automation. 

Automation: Shipping Updates

Your customer expects instant updates regarding their order status. And more importantly, they want to know when their order ships and how to track it. The Shipping Updates automation triggers when the order is fulfilled and starts it’s delivery journey and also when it gets delivered to the customer. 

shipping update push notifications for shopify

Campaign Type: Promotional Flash Sale

Flash sales are a quick way to turn a 1-time customer into a repeat customer. Set up your discount code, upload your creative, and segment your audience with ease. 

flash sale and promo push notifications for shopify


Shopify store owners can segment their audiences and incorporate rich media within their notifications, all on the free trial plan. All new Shopify stores get a 30 day trial of our Ecommerce automations. It’s easy to upgrade to a paid monthly plan within the Pushnami app when the 30 days ends. And believe us, you’ll want to upgrade when you see the revenue you recover with push notifications.

Join 20,000 websites growing their online engagement (and resulting sales!) with Pushnami. No coding. Install and go live with your first campaign in just 2 minutes.

Install Pushnami for Shopify

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