A BFCM revenue driver to invest in? Push notifications

Everyone is hoping to cut through the noise this Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM), but only the strongest survive. It’s no secret that email inboxes of shoppers will soon overflow with deals, and push notifications can efficiently and effectively reach customers who are overwhelmed with crowded inboxes. If 2019 taught us anything, it’s that merchants should use push notifications as a way to drive revenue to their stores…and away from competitors.

Here are some ways push can help you stand out during the holiday season:

Leverage the power of FOMO

Where would BFCM be without the all-powerful Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) effect? Everyone wants to be the first one to know about a sale and to secure the best deals on their favorite products before the inventory runs out. Inspire urgency with an opt-in prompt oozing with FOMO and behold your rapidly expanding subscriber list…and your sales.

Abandoned cart/browse campaigns are a must

Automated abandoned cart/browse campaigns are more important than ever during BFCM. As customers are in a frenzy hunting for the best deals around, they may add a product to your cart, or browse several items, but leave your site to browse competitor prices. Use push to reach out to them with an abandoned cart/browse notification offering something extra. Either that or send them a warning that the product they have their eye on is at risk of going out of stock.

Tempt shoppers with last-chance deals

There is nothing like the pressing sense of urgency to get a customer to convert. Last-minute and final-chance deals place the invisible timer over a shopper’s head. Push notifications with urgent and personalized messaging are the ticket to closing the deal. Consider using push to run “deal of the hour” campaigns that offer larger discounts for just that limited period. Customers might be more enticed to clickthrough these notifications several times a day to check what’s up next for the hottest deal.

Price drop alerts are hard to ignore

BFCM is a bargain hunter’s territory. People are looking for the most bang for their buck. Asking users to subscribe to notifications so that they are informed of price drops gives them true motivation to agree to accept those notifications. Think of creating a price drop notification as another way to advertise a discount without the need for a discount code. Customers are motivated by these notifications as they feel the pressure to buy before the price changes again.

Communicate in the channels that matter

The buying habits of your customers changed this year. Web push notifications open up the ability to communicate with them while they’re on their computers (and certain mobile devices), without your messages getting stuck in a congested email inbox. The best strategy incorporates web push with channels you already use such as SMS, email and Facebook messenger.

BFCM prep still needed?

Are you an ecommerce marketer or merchant who is getting things prepped for BFCM? We’ve created a hub just for you. Visit our BFCM 2020 site to watch our webinar on push marketing for ecommerce brands. While you’re at it, be sure to read our guide to get information on things like trends in buyer behavior, choosing the right promotions for your business and readying your site for a surge in traffic. We also created a checklist so you can make sure you’re on track for success.