BFCM 2020 overview and how push notifications played a role

This Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) set ecommerce sales records and marketing strategies like push notifications played a definite role in the success. 

According to Adobe Analytics data, digital Black Friday sales grew 21.6 percent YoY to $9 billion. This made it the second-highest online sales day in U.S. history, surpassed only by this year’s Cyber Monday which came in at a whopping  $10.8 billion—the highest-grossing U.S. online sales day of all time. 

As to be expected, in-store Black Friday traffic took a serious dive and was reportedly down 48 percent according to RetailNext. Salesforce reported SMS discount notifications increased 156 percent YoY, and push notifications increased by 142 percent. 👀

This might not come as a total surprise to ecommerce merchants and marketers as the buying habits of customers have been changing for years, and this year made way for some of the biggest changes yet. For instance, web push notifications have shown us time and time again that the ability to communicate with potential shoppers while they’re on their computers (and mobile devices), beats waiting for your message to get read among the thousands of other promotional emails inside their congested inboxes. We’ve found that some of the best strategies incorporate web push with channels you already use such as SMS, email and Facebook messenger.

Here are real examples of push notifications from some of our ecommerce clients for this year’s BFCM run and why they were effective:


BFCM Leatherup

Here’s a creative that Leatherup deployed to retarget users who visited their website at the start of BFCM but didn’t yet purchase anything. By offering an additional 15 percent coupon code, they generated an extra 500 clicks which led to numerous conversions.

BFCM leatherup

The above promotion generated 400 clicks. Had the merchant let these browsing customers pass by, they would have left numerous conversions on the table. Instead, they incentivized the customer to take action now with a discount.


BFCM NativePath

Offering a gift (or free shipping) is a great way to trigger a conversion. Take note of NativePath’s excellent visual elements combined with the free frother giveaway.



It’s no surprise that WSJwine’s Cyber Monday push notification campaign generated a 4 percent CTR. Notice that they didn’t let their big discount compromise their average order value (AOV) as the customer still had to purchase 12 bottles to steal the deal.

Shady Rays

Black Friday Shady Rays

Emojis 🔥 continue to come in hot with push notifications. Shady Rays took advantage of this element to draw attention to their stellar deal + free shipping. SCORE!

Plus—1168 clicks. Need we say more?


Black Friday Autobrush

What better way to give your store a sudden boost than to extend your Black Friday sales? Autobrush enticed shoppers with a last chance to take advantage of their sales in this clever promotion.

Ready to put push notifications to the test?