Introducing: News and media automations for publishers

Introducing: News and media automations for publishers

Publishers, get excited. Our news and media automations have made their debut. News and content sites now have all the ammo they need to increase audience engagement, establish brand authority, enhance subscriber loyalty and monetize their content. Support your audience’s hunger for news and content and keep them coming back with data-driven push notifications.

Check out the features we created with publishers like you in mind. 

Welcome Notification 

If you’re looking to maintain subscribers, getting off on the right foot matters. Welcome your subscribers by thanking them for signing up to receive notifications. When you skip the welcome notification, your users might think either their signup was unsuccessful or that your system isn’t properly configured. A simple: “Thanks for subscribing,” can make all the difference. Publishers can also take this opportunity to offer a discount on a paid plan or recommend a piece of content. This simple notification is an important tool for increasing app retention and setting your site up for long-term user engagement. 

Breaking News


Do you know what happens when a subscriber learns about pressing local or national news from your site before anyone else’s? It helps them trust you as an industry authority. The more often you scoop other sites, the more likely your audience is to actively visit your site on their own when they’re trying to figure out what’s going on in the world.  Publishers who are able to get the facts out over a competitor become a more reliable and trustworthy source. For best results, target breaking news on the topics that your subscribers are most interested in using our segmentation. The fastest way to draw eyes to a breaking news event is by sending the story out via push notification. 

Recommendation Engine

Are your subscribers landing on a single piece of content but not exploring other articles or videos on your site? Our Recommendation Engine pushes out a notification that suggests relevant content to your audience, based on the related content views from your overall visitors, resulting in longer session durations and a more engaged subscriber base. 

Top Story

Keep your audience in the loop by allowing our Top Story automation to automatically pull your highest performing piece of content and send it to your subscribers to guarantee that your most-read content is getting eyes from your entire subscriber base. If a story goes viral on social media, Top Story allows you to automatically sent it out to your audience, even if it’s not a topic they are typically engaging with. This is a great way to increase traffic to your site and to keep your subscribers informed and engaged. 

Abandoned Form


Are you having issues with visitors dropping off of the subscription page before signing up? Remind them to complete the registration by delivering a timely push notification. If your site unlocks more exclusive content to those who register, now is the time to boast that. Our Abandoned Form automation works wonders for driving your audience back to your gated content, retargeting, maximizing conversions and helping you monetize your content

Unlock push notifications for news and content sites today


Digital media companies and publishers must find ways to capture visitors and keep them loyal while trying to find new revenue streams. Urging the audience to subscribe to push notifications is an easy way to get there. One of our news clients gained more than 500,000 web push subscribers in less than eight weeks after getting started with web push.

Curious about how it works? Request a demo today. 

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