A Clubhouse recap of Performance Marketing – Publishers, Ads and Affiliates, OH MY!

A Clubhouse recap of Performance Marketing – Publishers, Ads and Affiliates, OH MY!

Did you miss us in the Clubhouse?

Thursday, we hosted a Clubhouse talk on the next wave of affiliate marketing.

Attendees tuned in and asked insightful questions on compliance, the impact of a cookieless future on the space, shows and events in the affiliate space, compliance, best practices on monitoring traffic sources and the biggest challenges on the horizon for performance marketers. 

Our panel

Panelists such as Jennifer Mansfield, Co-Founder & CEO of Digital Thrive; Robert Protass, Vice President & Head of Marketing at Life Line Screening; Greg Van Horn, CEO of Launch Potato; Steve Rafferty, Founder & CEO of Active Prospect; Amro Naddy, Vice President & GM at U.S. News & World Report; Shayne Cardwell, Chief Revenue Officer at Zeeto; Matthew Conlin, Co-Founder & CEO of Fluent; Diana Gee-Calingo, Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager at Tailored Brands; and our very own President of Affiliate Ryan Bartholic discussed current trends in affiliate marketing and what they predict the future of the industry will look like. 

Here’s a taste of some of the discussions that took place during the sessions:

On a cookieless future

“Our industry is poised to benefit dramatically from this shift away from cookies,” Matthew Conlin said. “This accelerates the need for performance-based outcomes. Traditional publishers are now embracing performer marketing and affiliates because it’s the way forward. Advertisers are looking for more accountability and better performance. Publishers recognizing that are going to win.”

“First-party data is king,” Shayne Cardwel said about the end of third-party cookies. “Leveraging that first-part data to help clients and advertisers is what matters.”

 On utilizing technology

“Publishers have to keep the endgame in mind,” Shayne Cardwell said. “Adopt technology solutions that help bridge the gap.”

The panel went on to discuss machine learning and automation and how technology fits into their respective organization’s acquisition strategy.

On first-party data

“As media owners, we do have a lot of registration-based experiences,” Matthew Conlin said. “We already have a first-party relationship with many of our consumers. Reorganizing databases and getting ahead of the curve is absolutely critical for anyone who has a digital publishing business.”

Some takeaways

  • Publishers have started to embrace affiliates, even though “affiliate” is sometimes referred to as “commerce,” in their industry.
  • Product offerings within the performance marketing space can vary from an aggregation model to a co-registration path. Some products are built around community and experience. 
  • There are varying levels of intent with leads, based on the different stages in the buying process.
  • High intent traffic = path of least resistance. Lower intent traffic = let the races begin! A longer, more developed, lifecycle marketing strategy or nurture program might be required.

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