Use push notifications to rev up efforts monetizing job boards

Job boards are handling two extremely demanding customer bases. One side is made up of job seekers who are searching the web looking for as many open positions in their fields and cities as possible. The other side is the hiring managers getting their applications out while trying to attract the most qualified candidates. 

As a job board, you want to ensure job seekers and hiring managers frequent your site so you can monetize off the clicks. Aligning the right prospects with the right company at the right time is critical. But how do you attract those job seekers and hiring managers to your job board? Push notifications can give you a competitive edge. 

Here’s why they work: 

Instant engagement

Rather than sending candidates emails whenever roles that might suit them become available (and waiting for those emails to actually get opened), a push notification pops up to your audience whenever they’re on the web, regardless of whether or not they’re even on your site. This deliverability warrants quick action.

Imagine being a candidate going after a competitive role where the employer is only accepting 50 applications. The prospect who is informed about the opportunity in realtime has a much better shot at getting their resume over to the hiring manager in time than the job searcher casually browsing sites or even the candidate subscribed to email updates. Push notifications create an excellent consumer experience for the job searcher right away.

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When it comes to getting a subscriber to reengage, time is of the essence. Push notifications can help capture a prospect’s attention before they engage with another job site. If your goal is to capture businesses who spent two minutes on your registration page but never created an account, you could send out a push notification saying “We noticed you didn’t complete signup. Sign up for 10 days of free job posting.” 

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Segmented and personalized for the subscriber

Job boards can customize push notifications to a targeted segment based on interests and behavior and send qualified candidates personalized job recommendations. For example, for HR managers who are looking for jobs in San Diego, rather than targeting every subscriber and sending out a blanket push notification such as, “Hundred of new jobs available in your area, check them out now,” you could target the specific HR manager segment with “50 San Diego employers are hiring for HR managers with your experience! Apply now.”

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Optimized for ease

Push notifications sent from Pushnami, for example, help job boards learn the user’s goals in real-time without much effort on the user end. A subscriber’s location and field of interest are automatically absorbed. If the subscriber changes the type of role they are interested in or changes their ideal location, these changes are instantly accounted for. This is a job board gamechanger because it collects the subscribers automatically and it will optimize so job sites can send targeted notifications automatically. You can start running Pushnami off of your job board in five minutes.

Upsell with third-party offers

As a job board, this a huge opportunity to earn additional money by sending web push notifications with native third party offers. While convincing job candidates to apply for a role on your site, why not also sell them a resume service? If a subscriber has been hunting for a job for a week or two and is still on the market, why not convince them to run a background check on themselves by partnering with a third-party background service? The right third-party offers combined with push notifications can take revenue from 1X to 5X. Add-on services also boost the brand recognition of your job board.

What to look for when examining push notification providers

  • Ease of use/time to deploy
  • Personalized messaging
  • API integrations
  • Integrations within your existing website framework
  • Machine learning
  • Dedicated, experienced support

No time to do the research? Sign up for Pushnami today and let us help you monetize your job boards right away.