The persuasive benefits of push traffic for publishers

Publishers —the benefits of push notification traffic for news and content sites can’t be overlooked. 

If loyalty, real-time delivery and complete visibility be something you fancy, publishers can get strong results using push notifications. Here’s why they work:

Real-time delivery

When you send out a push notification, you’re communicating to your subscribers with something that is delivered in real-time and that ensures immediate engagement. Whether you’re trying to increase new content readership or build brand loyalty, push notifications work because they capture the super short attention spans in our instant gratification world. 

Total visibility

Do we have to pop out of a box in the corner of your screen to secure your attention? Apparently so. Nothing capture’s audience attention better than a message delivered right to the corner of your screen. Push notifications rule when it comes to ensuring content visibility.

Anti-website litterers

Push notifications take up zero space on your site. While ads can clutter up your page and negatively impact the audience experience, push notifications take up no room on your page. 

Click magnets

Publishers, take note! Web push has a 10 percent average CTR vs. email’s 2.69 percent rate

Now that you understand how they work, consider the ways in which you can use them to create a more loyal subscriber base. 

Break news

Each time your subscriber learns about pressing local or national news from your brand first, their opinion on your content as a trusted authority increases. Publishers who are able to get the facts out over a competitor become a more reliable and trustworthy source.

Recover the lost sessions

What’s stopping you from targeting the subscribers who have dropped off from your website and are consuming news elsewhere? Use push notifications to bring your audience back where they belong (your site) without wasting budget on remarketing ads

Win them over with segmentation

Segment your content to reel in those subscribers. You can segment your subscriber list based on location, device, demographic, activity and interests. Different segments require different campaign topics and frequencies. The more specific a segment is, the better experience subscribers will have. The better experience they have, the more likely it is that they will keep coming back for more.

Make it speak to them

Adding personalization to your push campaigns communicates to your subscribers that you take the time to deliver content tailored to their interests. Sending out too much irrelevant content will increase the risk of them unsubscribing (and there’s no chance to regain loyalty after that happens.) Utilize user data to create relevant push campaigns your subscribers are eager to open.

Remember, it is necessary to obtain audience loyalty in order to convert your visitors (no permissions given by the user to the company ) into push traffic (permissions create a direct touchpoint that guarantees user engagement and user retention).

Need proof that this works? Try push notifications for yourself on a free trial today.