Types of push messages and their merits in the publishing world


Push notifications on the publishing side aren’t just for bringing traffic to your articles. Used correctly, push messages can encourage a more loyal audience, deliver valuable feedback to your team, help you monetize your site and bring more success to your site.

Here are five types of publisher push messages.



If you want to keep your audience engaged at every stage of the customer lifecycle, send them messages depending on where they are in the funnel. Make a great first impression by sending a warm welcome notification to a new subscriber. Publishers can also take this opportunity to offer a discount on a paid plan or recommend a piece of content. This simple notification is an important tool for increasing app retention and setting your site up for long-term user engagement. Send targeted messages to reawaken subscribers who have been idle and send messages to your more active readers asking them if they’d be interested in upgrading to your most exclusive paid plan (at a discount, of course).



Send readers transactional notifications to update them on their paid subscription status, newsletter signup confirmations or other premium package offerings. These messages help report relevant information to specific users and can reassure them that their payment has been received or their order has been confirmed.  If you offer sell items such as books or branded merchandise you can also send users shipping and tracking information.



Do you want your subscribers to leave you helpful feedback on how they’re enjoying your content? Are you curious about what your readers feel is missing on your site? Do you want to research the most enjoyed mediums of content so you can decided whether to invest more in video or design? Send push notifications requesting them to leave feedback. Due to their sense of urgency, asking for feedback via push yields great participation.



Use informational push messages to educate your subscribers. These push messages can make your audience aware of a newsletter list they can sign up for, an update to your content offerings, an upcoming webinar, a sponsorship opportunity or a relevant guide they can download. If you don’t tell them about what they can explore on and off your site, how are they supposed to know? Informational push notifications as a great way to remind your audience of the value you offer.



Promotional notifications inform users about new subscription packages, advertising opportunities, exclusive content downloads and other great deals. Push notifications can be the best publishing promotional tool in your toolbox.

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