Pushnami Expert Series: Kacey Meguin & Client Success


Kacey Meguin is the Manager of Customer Success at Pushnami, and leads our Client Success (CS) team. She has helped onboard hundreds of customers and is responsible for overseeing the success of all Pushnami’s managed clients.

If you are a current Pushnami customer, it is highly likely that you have worked with a member of our CS team in some capacity.

For the next entry in the Pushnami Expert Series, Kacey will discuss what it means to be a managed client at Pushnami, the types of optimization that the CS team works on, and her team’s role at Pushnami.

Client Success’ Role at Pushnami

Once you decide to partner with Pushnami, we’re typically the very first team that you meet with. This is an honor for us because often we’re the initial impression that your extended team has of our organization. The way we see it, we’re becoming a part of your team, and we treat this very seriously.

In addition to white-glove onboarding for all managed clients, we also help all clients optimize your messaging strategies, provide customer support, and provide any reporting as needed. We check-in periodically to ensure that you’re getting the most out of our platform. If any of our customers have a specific need or a feature request, we’re the group that relays this to our tech and product teams.  

What It Means to be A Managed Client

The main benefit that you have of being a managed client compared to an enterprise client is that we do all the heavy lifting for you. Essentially, managed clients trust our team with your account to monetize your subscribers with content that interests them. Managed clients will still check in with us for reporting and the overall success of the account, but we’re ultimately working within the Pushnami platform on your behalf.

The right plan depends on your needs. Our enterprise customers get access to a dedicated account manager focused on their success, and they are actually in the system building out their strategy using our guidance and best practices. Our managed customers essentially add a marketing person to their team, as the Pushnami CS team does the hands-on campaign execution and optimization to meet the shared revenue goals. Sometimes it comes down to your team size or the time you can invest. That’s why we offer both plan types — every client has different challenges and we recognize that.

For example, let’s say that we have a new e-commerce client that wishes to go with our managed plan. Let’s also say that they have a group of internal offers that they would like to run via their push notification strategy. Our team would work directly with their team to get those offers live to their subscribers to help generate additional revenue. To do this, our team builds all the creatives, we structure the send strategy for every offer, and then we prepare tracking and reporting for the client.

With enterprise clients, we still provide our suggestions and expertise, but they’re ultimately in control of their accounts. Regardless, we’re here for anyone that needs support for our products.

Kacey Meguin Manager of Customer Success

Types of Optimization We Can Do

When we say that we’re helping optimize an account, here are the actions we can take to ensure you’re getting the most out of our platform:


Split testing between various push creatives and email templates to adjust the copy, image, button copy, etc.


Optimizing Pushnomics segments to determine which segment will perform best for the client’s subscriber base.


Improving send strategies (Ex. how soon a new subscriber receives their first push notification).


Determining ideal send times (morning, midday, evening). These can vary drastically from client to client!


Testing different subscriber segments and how they react to various campaigns. From there, we determine which segment is the “winner”.


Implementing any new product updates that our dev team provides to ensure you have the latest and greatest that Pushnami has to offer.


When you become a managed client, you can expect world-class customer support from the entire Pushnami team, which includes the dev team that actually help build the platform. You also receive optimization advice and best practices to help you get the most out of our products. More information about our plan types can be found on our pricing page. If you’re ready to get started, sign up for a free trial of Pushnami today. I look forward to working together with your team!

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